Green Dot Sets July 4th Launch Of GoBank

Green Dot, the provider of prepaid debit cards and other financial products, is looking to launch its big move into the mobile banking market on July 4th, the company said Tuesday afternoon. According to Green Dot, it plans to launch its service, GoBank, on Independence Day on iPhone, Android, and online--and also will be making a big, national push to market the service.

GoBank is Green Dot's big move to capture the mobile generation of consumers, with a mobile-only bank--sans retail branches, but with full FDIC protection, mobile deposits, online checkbook and transaction tools, and much more. Green Dot's banking services came via the acquisition of both an FDIC approved community bank back in 2011, and mobile software developer Loopt.

According to Green Dot, it will be promoting GoBank via the 12th season of Project Runway; distribute the service through such online companies as WePay, Check, Tango Card and Rewardable; and promote the new banking service at Rite Aid stores nationwide. It also has a big deal with MetroPCS to promote the banking service on that carrier's Android phones.