Avalon Funds Internet Comedy Site Cheezburger

San Diego-based venture capital firm Avalon Ventures has boosted an Internet web site publisher known for its humorous, captioned pictures of cats and use of Internet memes, Cheezburger. According to Cheezburger, Avalon was one of a number of venture firms investing in the company's $30M funding today, and has added Avalon partner Rich Levandov to its board of directors. Cheezburger runs comedy sites I Can Has Cheezburger?, which features "LOLcats", funny pictures of cats with humorous captions, and FAIL Blog, a site which highlights "fails". Other investors in the company include Foundry Group, Madrona Ventures, and SoftBank Capital. Avalon's Levandov is also on the board and led the venture firm's investment in hot Internet social gaming firm Zynga. More information »