Awesomeness.TV Among Fastest Exits, Best ROI Ever On Silicon Beach

The acquisition of Awesomeness.TV is the both fastest funding-to-exit in Silicon Beach, as well as one of the exits with best multiple on dollars invested, according to a new analysis of our extensive database of venture deals. In an analysis stretching back to all of the exits logged in our data since 1996, Awesomeness.TV had the shortest time between an initial funding and exit of any company, just short of nine months. It also had one of the best ratios on money invested in the company to potential total exit size (33.4x), based on a total value of $117M. The firm was only challenged by the recent acquisition of GoodReads, which has an estimated 100x return. Our analysis did not include the returns on IPOs, or the many exits where amounts invested and exits have not been made public.

The exit is a huge win for a number of investors in the local Silicon Beach high tech industry, including MK Capital, Greycroft Venture Partners, and New World Ventures, plus a great win for Awesomeness TV's angels--Dean Gilbert, Allen DeBevoise, Matt Coffin, Jeremy Zimmer and Michael Kassan.