TOP NEWS Launches iPad Cookbook Publishing Service

Ever wish you had a better way of sharing your favorite recipes with family and friends? Wish that cookbook for your church, school, or club could enter the modern age? Los Angeles-based, the online social networking and recipe site, has a new product for you. The company, which is headed by Babette Pepaj, is launching a new, cookbook publishing tool which allows users to create their own, native iPad cookbooks, which can either be given away for free, and sold online or through the iPad. According to the firm, its new, Cookbook Cafe product allows grassroots cookbook authors to create, market, and sell their very own cookbooks for the iPad, as well as the web. A web-based app allows users to create those cookbooks. The company said the cookbooks can be priced at anything from $0.99 to $9.99. takes a commission on sales, which covers the Apple app store transaction fee and credit card processing fees.