Clapit Raises AU$2.57M

Los Angeles- and Sydney, Australia-based Clapit, a startup developing a social media crowdsourcing app, said it has raised AU$2.57M ($1.94M US), to bring its mobile app to market. The seed funding came from Australia angels Mark Moran and Paul Siderovski. Clapit, which says it is based in Sydney and has its U.S. operations in Los Angeles, says it has created a social media app which crowdsources video, music, images, and rich media. The startup was founded by Paul J. Bedwell, Mary Jane Bulseco and Stan Tsvirko. Clapit is the second, Australian startup to set up shop in Los Angeles in the last few days; another, social networking app maker from Australia, Bombd, just announced this week that it had set up in Venice Beach. More information »