Clicker Launches Comments, Partnership With Showtime

Los Angeles-based Clicker, the online video guide site run by former CEO Jim Lanzone, said today that it has launched a new comment feature, and also partnered with Showtime on a new promotion. Clicker said that as part of its site, users who "check-in" to watch shows can comment on shows and episodes with other check-in users. In the Showtime deal, it said it has partnered to provide exclusive awards for users who check-into the new Showtimes series The Big C, season 6 of Weeds, Dexter, and The Real L Word. Clicker's "check-in" features are part of its Clicker Social effort, which uses social gaming features, similar to Foursquare and other sites, to reward users with special badges for specific actions and following certain shows on the site. The comment feature appears to work almost identically to comments on such sites as Facebook.