Creative Allies Reaches 300 Million Fans For Crowdsourced Band T-Shirts

Creative Allies, a startup which helps bands crowdsource t-shirts and other merchandise from their fans, said today that it is now reaching over 300 million music fans through its social media efforts. The website lets fans of bands vote for their favorite t-shirts, and enter design contests for their favorite bands, films, and festivals. The site lets designers put their designs up for a vote, providing cash, prizes, and royalties on sales of those t-shirts. The site says that it has over 50,000 designers who have been submitting their t-shirts, posters and even production truck wraps for bands on the site. The company says it was founded by Creative Allies by Sean O'Connell, CEO of Music Allies, an agency handling strategy, marketing, publicity and radio promotions for music festivals and independent labels. The firm has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Asheville, North Carolina, where the company was founded. A spokesperson says the company is now headquartered in Los Angeles.