EQAL Inks Deal With CBS On Online Show

Los Angeles-based EQAL, the online production firm behind lonelygirl15, said today that the firm has teamed up with CBS for an online site tied into a new, 13-episode series called Harper's Island. According to CBS and EQAL, they will launch Harper's Globe, an online site which will be complementary to the television storyline. The firms said the content will be available on the site, plus and other CBS properties. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, however CBS and EQAL said that the online site will launch in March, ahead of the broadcast premier of Harper's Island. Harper's Island is expected to run weekly until July 2nd. The firms said that EQAL collaborated with CBS on writing, producing, and directing all of the content for the site, and that EQAL will help provide technology infrastructure to host the effort. The site is an outgrowth of a relationship EQAL and CBS announced in May.