Former LA VC Gets Backing For Enterprise Alerting, Micro Apps Startup

Fouad ElNaggar, a former venture capitalist who had been responsible for the Los Angeles office of Redpoint Ventures, has scored funding for a new startup, Sapho. According to Sapho, it has raised $9.5M in a Series A funding, which was led by Alsop Louie Partners. Sapho develops software which helps pull together information across hundreds of enterprise apps, and presents them to employees as "micro apps". Those apps provide push-like, user-friendly access to enterprise apps, much like employees are used to interacting with mobile consumer apps and alerts. ElNaggar was most recently serving as Chief Strategy Officer at CBS Interactive; he co-founded Sapho with fellow CBS Interactive alum Peter Yared, who was CBSi's CTO and CIO. ElNaggar was in Redpoint's LA offices from 2005 until 2011, and had stints on the boards of Machinima and Hark, among other companies. Sapho is in Silicon Valley. More information »