Goodbye DogVacay, Hello Rover

It looks like the days of DogVacay, the online dog sitting marketplace started in Santa Monica, are rapidly heading to an end, nearly six months after the company was acquired by competing pet marketplace Rover. In an email, sent over the last week to users of DogVacay, Rover and DogVacay said that it is migrating all of DogVacay's users over to Rover. In that email, Rover and DogVacay said that users on DogVacay will no longer be able to book on DogVacay as of June 12th. In a FAQ posted on DogVacay's site, the two said that after June 12th, users can continue to create new bookings on Rover, but users will no longer be able to create bookings on DogVacay. In addition, the company said that ultimately, DogVacay's site and app will redirect entirely to Rover.