GoPro, USC Film School In Major Content Partnership

Action camera maker GoPro said late Thursday that it has partnered with the University of Southern California, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts, to bolster its content efforts--and maybe help the company recruit talented students to work for the company. According to GoPro, USC's School of Cinematic Arts is a flagship partner in the GoPro community, and will integrate GoPro into its curriculum, through workshops, mentorship, and donation of cameras and equipment. GoPro announced the deal with USC as part of its new community effort, which it is calling the GoPro Awards, which allows users to share their photos, clips, and more for inclusion in GoPro's content efforts. GoPro also said that, in addition to the donation and workshops, it plans to showcase top talent from USC on its GoPro Awards platform, and that students will also be eligible to receive monetary rewards through GoPro's program for those efforts.