Illumina Launches Genomics Accelerator Program, But Not In San Diego

San Diego-based life sciences equipment maker Illumina has tossed its hat into the accelerator market, saying this morning that it has launched a brand new, genomics-focused startup accelerator program. Illumina said its new Illumina Accelerator Program will provider $100,000 in support plus access to its gene sequencing technology, to help support entry for entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage companies working on scientifically and commercially promising next-generation sequencing applications. Illumina said the new accelerator will be based in the San Francisco area. Each company will be receive $100,000 from investor Yuri Milner, plus services from Silicon Valley Bank. Illumina said applications for its first program are due May 16th, with a six month session beginning on August 1st. Illumina did not say why it decided to open the accelerator in San Francisco--which is better known for its Internet startups, and not so much for its life sciences startups--rather than in the life sciences hub of San Diego.