Insights: 10 Common Interviewing Mistakes Often Made By Developers

Story by Helen MacKinnon


Think being a developer is all you need to do to get a job at a company? For our Insights and Opinions section today, Helen MacKinnon of Technical Connections gives a list of the top ten interviewing mistakes made by developers.

Given the need for good developers these days and the imbalance between supply and demand, you may conclude that how you interview doesn't matter. And you would be wrong. Many companies will pass on a person with good technical skills if s/he makes the mistakes listed below. So, before you interview, take a moment and read through this.

10. Be late (Figure out where you're going beforehand and make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time, especially in LA where traffic is totally unpredictable, except that it's usually bad.)

9. Curse or use foul language (Yes, even in cool companies, using the "f" word or even anything milder can turn someone off.)

8. Be arrogant (Continued...)

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