Insights and Opinions: Punk Rock Circa 2012

Story by Megan Lisa Jones


For this morning's Insights and Opinions section, where we feature useful and interesting articles from the community, investment banker Megan Lisa Jones talks about why today's world of content is like the Punk Rock revolution.

Or, why iterative changes matter more than disruptive ones.

Punk rock erupted in 1974 as a response to the excesses of the mainstream 1970s rock world (big bands, big shows and big hair; more focused on business than music/audience; arrogance; bad music). Punk music was hard, fast paced and raw, with shorter songs and less instrumentation. Oftentimes a political or anti-establishment message was worked in. Audiences loved the authenticy and accessibility. And what is rock music if not rebellious (corporate wasn't cutting it)? These artists struggled in the real world like we did. A subculture developed. The movement spread.

Remind you of YouTube and the Arab Spring?

The online content world (today) is exciting, original and creative. It's (Continued...)

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