j2 Global Plans CEO Shift, As Zucker Joins LA Venture Capital Firm

In a major move for Los Angeles-based j2 Global is planning to turn over operation of the company to Vivek Shah, as current CEO Hemi Zucker plans a move to a new, venture capital investment firm called OCV Management. According to j2 Global, Shah will take over the CEO role from Zucker on January 1st, 2018. Zucker will join a new venture cpaital firm, OCV, which is being organized by j2's Chairman of the Board, Richard Ressler. Shah was previously CEO of Ziff Davis, LLC, the digital media arm of j2 Global, and had been there for five years. According to j2 Global, Shah grew Ziff Davis from approximatley $50M in annual revenues to more than $500M--and is now more than half of j2's total revenues. The shift is a major one for j2 Global, which became a ravenous acquirer of companies under his shift. Zucker became President at j2 in 2005, and has been CEO for the last eight years.