JibJab Launches New Camera Sticker App, Rolls Out Avatars With NFL

Los Angeles-based JibJab, the developer of e-card and other humorous content tools and apps, has released a new product today, called JibJab Camera. According to JibJab, the new iOS app allows users to make their photos and videos funnier with personalized, JibJab stickers, and is aimed at creating funny stories for Snapchat and Instagram, and other services. As part of the launch, Jibjab said it has rolled out a set of NFL-themed avatars which can be used to create personalized NFL-themed avatars which can be dropped into photos. Those avatars feature a user's face imposed on an avatar representing their favorite NFL team. JibJab Camera is free. JibJab is led by CEO and co-founder Gregg Spiridellis, who co-founded JibJab with his brother, Evan.