John Greathouse: What I Learned In 2014

Over the holidays, we're featuring a few reflections on 2014 from some of the movers and shakers in Southern California's technology industry. Today's thoughts come from John Greathouse, who is a partner at Rincon Venture Partners.

1. What was the most significant event for you or your company this year?

We enjoyed three rewarding exits this year, which is always fun for our entrepreneurs and LPs. We also brought in several top-tier VC firms onto the Boards of our portfolio companies, including: Sequoia, Accel, Kleiner and Volition.

2. What was your biggest lesson learned in 2014?

Didn't learn it in 2014, but several times over the year we were reminded that a great team can make chicken salad out of chicken $hit.

3. What technologies or things are you looking forward to most in 2015?

More vertical market SaaS solutions show just how big that opportunity is currently and will be in the future.

A Partner at Rincon Venture Partners, John is honored to work with some of the most talented startup operators on the planet. As a serial entrepreneur, John helped drive two IPOs and two multi-hundred million dollar exits.