Lindzon Gets Exit At Lucky Sort

Howard Lindzon, the founder of San Diego-based stock-focused micromessaging service StockTwits, has finally sold a company to Twitter. No, it's not Stocktwits. Instead, one of his angel investments, Lucky Sort, has become part of Twitter in what looks to be an "acq-hire"--an acquisition to gain talent for the social networking service.

Lucky Sort, which develops data visualization and analytics tools for Twitter, announced the acquisition on its website Monday, saying that the firm's team will mostly be joining Twitter, to help at that company's "revenue engineering" department. Financial details of the buy were not disclosed, however, Lucky Sort looks to be shutting down its service as part of the acquisition. Lucky Sort had raised around $600,000 in funding, with Lindzon contributing about $100,000 of that funding. Lucky Sort was based in Portland, Oregon.