MaxLinear Selected For Set Top Box

Carlsbad-based radio frequency and mixed signal integrated circuit (IC) developer MaxLinear says that one of its chips has been selected for design into a set-top-box. The company said its MxL603 global terrestrial tuner--used for decoding over-the-air HDTV--is being incorporated into Air HDTV, a product being developed by Wireless Innovation Group. The new Air HDTV product provides live, free local broadcast channelsto users of Roku, AppleTV< Chromecast, and DIRECTV NOW, and is aimed at cord cutters who have moved to online streaming but miss their local news broadcasts. MaxLinear's CMOS IC is used to decode various high definition broadcast standards, such as ATSC, DVB-T, and others. Expected shipping volumes on the Wireless Innovation Group product were not given.