MUMO Aims At Shared Music, Listening

Los Angeles-based MUMO, a new music listening startup headed by former Pandora co-founder Jon Kraft, said today that it is looking to make music a shared activity again through what it calls "Music Moments". The startup--which says it incorporated elements of Instagram and launched a crowdfunding campaign on LA-based StartEngine. The company has already released an iOS version of its software. MUMO says its software lets users take a picture, pair it with a playlist, and invite friends to listen along. Kraft is currently serving as interim CEO; he helped co-found Pandora, before moving to Southern California, where he's been involved with such local companies as Idealab, Thrively, UberMedia, BigStage, and many other companies, as either a co-founder or investor. Mumo says it has already raised funding from local Los Angeles angel investors, but did not detail information on that earlier funding.