Music Publishers' Group Settles With Maker, Sues Fullscreen

A group which represents music publishers said today that it has negotiated a private settlement with LA's Maker Studios, and filed a copyright infingement suit against Los Angeles YouTube network Fullscreen, over the illegal use of unlicensed musical networks. The group, the National Music Publisher's Association (NMPA), said that unlicensed use of music and copyright infringement is "endemic" to the Youtube channel industry, and that it is "unacceptable" and "unfair" to profit from someone else's work. The music group said that Fullscreen's popularity is attiributable in part to the popularity of unlicensed music videos on the site, mostly from cover song videos on Fullscreen's channels. The NMPA did not disclose any details of its settlement with Maker studios, but said the deal will enable music publishers and their songwriting partners to be compensated for past infringement and license Maker going forward.