Privlo Raises $2.1M For Private Mortgage Marketplace

In some what-did-our-spam filter eat-recently funding news, Santa Monica-based Privlo recently raised $2.1M in a seed funding round, for its online marketplace for private mortgage loans. Privlo, which was founded by Michael Slavin, said the new funding came from QED Ventures. According to Privlo said the new funding will go to expand on its recently pilot of its platform, which helps match up private lenders and mortgage borrowers. Slavin was previously a developer of real estate in the Los Angeles area, and according to the firm is a managing partner at private equity firm Napias Group.

Among executives at the firm are Kenn Stearns (eRealty), who joins as Chief Product Officer; Saro Vasudevan (Capital One), Chief Customer and Credit Officer; David Subar (BreakMedia, Interthinx), as Interim Chief Technology Officer; and Michael Barton (Startup Exchange, TicketMaster-CitySearch), who joins the firm as Chief Operating Officer.

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