RealD Powers Toy Story 3

Los Angeles-based RealD, which develops 3D theater projection systems, reported today that it delivered approximately $47M of the $109M in domestic box office from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 3 title, which opened this weekend. RealD said that theatres outfitted with its 3D cinema systems generated the majorit of 3D box office and a larger box office than all of the 2D screens showing the new film. RealD did not disclose its revenues from the film, however, the company takes a cut of the ticket price at all 3D theatres using its equipment. Toy Story 3 is the first major title to appear after RealD's addition of kid-sized, 3D glasses this month. RealD's revenues are closely related to the box office success of new 3D titles, with the firm having benefited most from 3D blockbuster Avatar. RealD is one of a number of Southern California firms currently in registration for an IPO.