Ross Levinsohn Officially Starts At Yahoo

Ross Levinsohn, the former head of Fox Interactive Media, has officially started at Yahoo heading up its Americas Region, according to the company. In a post to Yahoo's users and employees, Levinsohn said today was his "first official day" at Yahoo, calling the opportunity the "greatest opportunity of all in my career". Levinsohn--who until recently was heading up venture capital firm Fuse Capital in Los Angeles--was responsible for Fox Interactive Media's acquisition of MySpace.

In his note announcing his first day, Levinsohn said he wants Yahoo's Americas team to be "open and utterly approachable" and wants to "deliver the absolute best consumer experience for Yahoo! users." Fuse Capital has not yet made any statement on how the firm is managing the departure of Levinsohn to Yahoo. Levinsohn had headed up investments in BBE, Publish2, TrueSlant, 5to1 and FatTail.