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Momentum Venture Management

Momentum helps entrepreneurs rapidly convert great concepts, technology and products into great companies. We help entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses by delivering the horsepower of an expanded, experienced executive team so that the company can rapidly achieve key business objectives. Often, this includes defining business models/plan, securing lead customers and raising capital from the right sources at the right terms. No longer making investments as of December 2010. (Profile) - (7 clients in database)


(Profile) - (4 clients in database)


Professional consulting services of industry experts and authorities in the fields of business plan writing, corporate finance, capital formation, operations, marketing, public relations, and media to emerging and middle market businesses. (Profile) - (4 clients in database)

Regard Venture Solutions

Software incubation and business incubation services. (Profile) - (3 clients in database)

SoftTech VC

SoftTech VC is a $12M seed-stage fund run by Jeff Clavier. (Profile) - (2 clients in database)

Selagy Associates

(Profile) - (2 clients in database)

Organic Startup

(Profile) - (2 clients in database)


TechCXO is a professional services firm that provides experienced, C-Suite professionals to deliver strategic and functional consulting services for technology companies. TechCXO helps tech companies at every stage of their growth, development and transition, including concept and early-stage tech companies to late-stage and mature technology companies. TechCXO practice areas include: Finance, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Operations, VC/Private Equity and Executive Search/HR. (Profile) - (2 clients in database)

TechSpin LLC

Techspin provides technology commercialization services - both "Spin-Out" (assisting large institutions to license and spinout technology to new markets) and "Spin-In" (helping emerging commercial startups find applications in aerospace/defense/government markets). (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Madison Street Partners

Madison Street Partners was formed with one purpose in mind: to leave behind the bureaucratic structure of the traditional, large real estate firms to deliver a more personal, customized level of service for entrepreneurial and mid-size companies that demand results. Our clients attest. Look to the local experts at Madison Street Partners to handle your company's next real estate transaction. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Advantage Consulting Services

(Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Morrison McNabb

(Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Kontrol Media

(Profile) - (1 clients in database)


(Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Iteration Group

Product development consulting. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Robert Ramey Software Development

Software development. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Creative Sourcing Strategies

Creativess - Creative Sourcing Strategies, designed to help companies improve and streamline their sourcing and recruiting strategies in order to be more competitive in drawing in the best talent in today's highly competitive technical market. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Dragon Innovation

(Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Corporate Development LLC

(Profile) - (1 clients in database) is a digital content publishing consultancy founded in 2013 and based in Santa Monica serving both publishers and publisher solutions. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)

Quest Fusion

Management consulting. (Profile) - (1 clients in database)


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