Skurt Raises $1.3M For On-Demand Car Rentals, Starting With LAX

A new, Los Angeles-based startup, Skurt, said Tuesday that it has raised $1.3M in a seed funding round, and launched an on-demand, rental car service at Los Angeles International Airport. The company--led by Harry Hurst, Aaron Peck, and Josh Mangel--said the funding came from Upfront Ventures, Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein, Wonga founder Errol Damelin, Whisper Presisdent Mark Troughton, and early Facebook employee Scott Marlette. According to Hurst, Skurt's on-demand rental car service came out of his awful experiences ranting a car while on vacation in Los Angeles. Skurt's app allows users to request a rental car, which is then immediately delivered to you at the airport while you are at the curb; the company is initially launching at LAX, plus has expansion plans to other markets. Hurst, in an interview with socalTECH, said that the rental car market is ripe for innovation, due to its control by what is essentially an oligarchy 95 percent owned by only three holding companies.