SpaceX Aims At Re-Launching Rocket With Next Mission

Hawthorne-based SpaceX is getting set to launch its first, ever, reusable rocket stage next week, in what could be a historic moment for spaceflight. SpaceX reportedly will use the same Falcon 9 first stage booster it used for the earlier CRS-8 mission, for the launch of the SES-10 satellite. The launch is expected to occur as soon as March 29th. The first stage booster successfully launched a payload to the International Space Station in April of 2016, and landed on a SpaceX barge in the Pacific. SpaceX hopes to again land the Falcon 9's first stage after the launch, according to reports. The ability to re-use the first rocket stage, if sucessful, would dramatically lower launch costs for SpaceX. Photo: the Falcon 9 booster being used in the upcoming launch, landing on the SpaceX barge..