Tapiture Is A Pinterest For Guys

Anyone with the slightest interest in the world of social Internet services nowadays has by now heard of Pinterest, the online site which allows users to "pin" and comments on their favorite photos from across the web. Pinterest is one of the latest services to sweep the Internet world in terms of popularity, particularly with women. However, how about similar services aimed at the male demographic? It turns out there's (at least) one, just spun out into a new company by a local Venice, California-based company, Resignation Media, called Tapiture. The site sports a photo-centered, comment-and-pin interface with "taps" rather than "pins", and features male-oriented photos (think fast cars, scantily clad women, and humor, witty sayings). Resignation Media recently tapped John Ellis (PurePhoto, Webxu, NextMedium) as CEO of Tapiture.