Team Liquid Acquired By Local Sports, Media, Tech Entrepeneurs

E-sports franchise Team Liquid, which operates ten different e-sports teams with more than 50 players in total, has been acquired by a group of entrepreneurs led by Peter Guber and Ted Leonsis. According to Axiomatic--whose owners include Guber, Leonsis, Magic Johnson, Dick Glover (Mandalay Sports), NextVR, Lon Rosen (LA Dodgers), Tucker Kain (LA Dodgers), plus such others as Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky of Groupon, Blake Byers of Google Ventures, Tony Robbins, former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, and many, many others--the CEO of the company will be Bruce Stein, who has been CEO/COO of such companies as Mattel Toys, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kenner Products (Hasbro), and a number of startups. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.