Video Game Maker Pulls In More Than $1.9M On Kickstarter

Think you need to find a venture capitalist or angel investor to help you fund your great new idea for a videogame? Think again. A Newport Beach-based videogame publishing firm, inXile, has just raised $1.9M (and counting) in funding on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, for their new game, Torment: Tides of Numenera. The game development firm--founded by Brian Fargo, who founded Interplay Entertainment--posted its videogame project only Wednesday, hitting its initial goal of $900,000 in less than six hours.

Kickstarter allows project teams, companies, and individuals to post their different project funding requirements, letting users contribute to those projects in exchange from things like t-shirts, recognition in products, and copies of the products themselves.

inXile raised almost $3M in funding for its last, crowd-sourced videogame, Wasteland 2; the team helped create the video game Wastland for Electronic Arts back in 1988. Wasteland 2 is set to ship sometime in the fall for the PC, Mac, and Linux. Some of the firm's current titles include Choplifter HD (based on the classic Apple II game), released last year; and Bard's Tale, a fantasy role playing game.