What Does Google's New YouTube Strategy Mean For SoCal Startups?

It looks like Google's YouTube intends to pull at least 60 percent of its programming deals for online content providers, a move that may have a huge impact on Southern California's emerging video content startups. In a report, AllThingsD said that YouTube intends to re-invest in up to 40 percent of the original channels being funded through its program, but the rest--who haven't met its expectations on engageent and viewing time--will most likely not get new deals and will have to fend for themselves. The move will be closely watched by a large number of Southern California companies, who have recently turned to YouTube as a major, if not primary, driver of revenues for their content efforts. Those companies include Maker Studios, My Damn Channel, Big Frame, DECA, Katalyst, Machinima, ZEFR, and others. Most of those companies have top ranking shows, but it will be intriguing to see what that means when it comes to YouTube's renewals and continued cash support for those startups.