YouTube Injects $200M Into More Content

In what can only be good news for the ecosystem of content providers and startup firms here in Southern California, Google's YouTube said Sunday that it is expanding into Europe, and adding more than 50 original channels to the 100 it introduced last year. The company is reportedly also investing another $200M in its channel efforts, on top of the $100M effort it kicked off last year. That original investment has skyrocketed a large number of Southern California, content focused startups to the top channels on YouTube, including such companies at Machinima, Maker Studios, Big Frame, FullScreen, MOVIECLIPS/ZEFR, and others. New channels listed in the preview of YouTUbe's new content effort include channels developed by My Damn Channel, EQAL, Big Frame, Katalyst, Mahalo, Demand Media, Maker Studios, DECA, and many others.