ZEFR Targets Brands With New Service, BrandID

Venice-based ZEFR has rolled out a new product today, BrandID, which it says will help brands identify their fans on YouTube, provide visibility into how those fans are responding and engaging, and provide data on a brand's competitors. The startup, which is led by Zach James, also said it has signed both P&G's COVERGIRL and Pantene as customers of its new, software-as-a-service product. Pricing on the new software offering was not announced.

BrandID is the latest evolution of ZEFR, which got its start offering up movie clips online as; ZEFR then shifted its focus--and changed its name--to provide rights monetization services for content owners, helping them to identify where their content was being used in YouTube by others, and helping them to monetize that content usage. ZEFR said the new BrandID product is based on the technology it developed providing that rights monetization--by letting brands find fan-uploaded assets using its Inception content identification technology.